Finding the Best Paid Android Applications


Tablet PCs are the new big thing, and it seems everyone and the pope has one. They come in different shapes, sizes and brands, and it’s sometimes hard to tell which one you should buy.

The EKEN M002 is different because it has one feature that I haven’t seen in other tablets so far – it has a built in webcam. This allows for video chat, skyping, and conference calls. And because the EKEN M002 has a 7 inch HD LCD screen, you get a pretty good visual when using it.

This tablet is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use the webcam online wherever there’s a hotspot. It runs on Google Android 1.5, so it is less susceptible to viral attacks that are targeted at Microsoft Windows.

The tablet comes with two processors: a CPU 600 MHz and a DPS 600 MHz, giving the tablet a combined speed of 1.2 GHz. It is reasonably sized at 190 by 118.5 by 14.7mm, so it just fits in your hands. But it weighs 1.05 kg, which is a bit on the heavier side. The size of the screen makes it fun to use though, and more than makes up for the computer’s bulk.


The EKEN M002 is usable in many countries because it comes in a variety of languages like Chinese, English, Czech, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian. Its key editing tool is Quick Office. This software comes with a variety of programmes ranging from word processors to spreadsheets. Data is entered using a touch screen, and the tablet comes with 2 USB ports which can be used for storage items like hard drives and flash disks. The ports can also be used to connect the tablet to other electronics in case the user needs to synchronise machines or load data.

This black-and-white beauty comes with an inbuilt lithium battery and a power cable, so it can be used either while stationary or on the go. It’s portable, but the weight discourages you from moving it long distances. It does, however, have Stereo speakers to keep you entertained while you work. The speakers also enhance the calling experience when using the webcam for video calls.

The EKEN M002 isn’t all work and no play. It has the capacity to download a large number of games, and also allows the user to access chat, Facebook, Gtalk, Youtube, Google Maps, and email. It has T-Flash which allows you to expand its memory, and it has an additional built-in Nand Flash that can store 2GB of data.

This lovely piece of technology is available online and is ready for order. There is no extra cost for shipping, and you can accumulate points on purchase, so check it out while stocks last.

There are so many wonderful free Android apps; why would you choose to purchase an app. There are plenty of reasons to choose a paid app instead of a free app. The main reason being that the paid Android applications are more extensive than their free counterparts. Often times the free applications are only trial versions of paid applications. Figuring out which are the top paid Android applications can be challenging. There are so many that you need to sort through! How can you tell which apps will give you the best deal for the money you spend.This article will help you figure out which paid apps are the best. Freedom Blogging Profit Bonus will organize your website neatly
Fit Sync is a paid app that is great for those who are trying to get in shape. The application has thousands of workout videos that you can copy, hundreds of workouts that you can follow and fifty or so fitness plans. You can also use this application to track your progress each day and week as you workout.

You can even use the app to publish your workouts to all of your social networks because this app hooks directly to Facebook (you can also install Fit Sync widgets on other sites as well). Jewellust is a prominent paid game application for the Android phones. You move around jewels, gather mosaic tiles and inspect ancient Pyramids in an attempt to discover the Pharaoh’s spoils. You play in “Campaign” mode, while trying out the game. You can play in “Survival” mode once you feel like you’re becoming an expert at the game This allots you an unlimited amount of time to play and saves your score for each game you play thereafter. Game applications provide an attractive time waster while you are sitting somewhere and waiting or when you discover some unexpected free time.
MyBackupPro is an essential application for individuals who get anxious when they think about their phone’s security. This paid Android application lets you concoct a backup of your phone. It creates a backup of all your apps, phone call history, contacts, settings, text messages, internet bookmarks, phone call log and the list goes on. This application backs up every last bit of information on your phone. This can be tremendously helpful if your phone is misplaced or somebody stole it. You can revive all your “lost” data and bring it onto your new or substitute phone and get back to your every day life. These are only a few of the top paid Android applications available on the market. New apps are being created daily. The primary idea for choosing paid applications is to investigate if there is not a free application that will do the same thing. If you don’t discover a comparable free application, you can purchase the more expensive application with a clear head. Don’t forget to think at least twice prior to wasting your money on a paid application. You don’t want to blow your money if you don’t have to!

Motorola DEXT – Motorola and Android Get Together


The Motorola Dext is one of the most amazing Motorola phones that one can have. By launching the Dext, Motorola has proven that it is still in competition with popular brands like HTC and Samsung etc. This new handset offers a sleek and attractive design with a large number of awesome functions that are packed in to this compact Motorola Android phone.

The Dext has a fully functional keyboard attached to it, which enhances its functionality and appearance. This mobile is light in weight, but heavy in features. With its stylish and stunning looks, it can steal anybody’s heart.
You will be able to customize the screen of the Motorola DEXT according to your requirements. This mobile has a 3.1 inch TFT soft touch screen, which enables you to access your favorite applications and communication tools with a slight touch.


There are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of this new Motorola phone. It enables you to view latest updates posted by your friends on social networking sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. With this mobile, an individual does not need to face the inconvenience of opening each application separately in order to check the latest changes in it. Apart from this, you will also be able to update your status on sites like facebook etc. just by tapping the shortcuts present on the home screen of the Dext.

The latest release from Motorola will enable you to stream the photos, tweets, status updates of you and your friends through the happenings widget available on its ome screen. With the presence of Motoblur in this mobile, you will be able to synchronize your accounts in facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Apart from all these functions, you will also be able to set the shortcuts of your favorite applications right on the home screen of the Motorola DEXT.

This new phone is also a treat for all those people who have a hobby in photography. With a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera, you will be able to click fabulous photographs. You do not need to carry the extra weight of a digital camera after buying this mobile phone. Apart from clicking pictures, you can also record fine quality videos with this new Motorola handset.


When it comes to organizing your favorite music, this mobile will help you a lot. It will enable you to categorize your favorite songs under different playlists. The Motorola Dext offers high quality sound. Playing music on this mobile will be a wonderful experience for you.

You will be able to browse various internet websites in a fast way through the Dext. With this Motorola handset, you will be able to access Google maps, Google talk and YouTube as well. Playing your favorite YouTube videos on this mobile will be a great experience for you. For downloading useful applications in this mobile, you can visit the Android market as well as Google. The memory of this handset is expandable up to 32GB.

Can The X10 Operate With The Help Of Android Os



Scorchi ng about the heels with the Sony Ericsson X10 little, is the pro model from the exact same handset. The differentiation arrives in having a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Sony Ericsson told us that they did see it interesting to a somewhat different user from the touchscreen-only X10 small, despite the fact that with strengthened text entry, the X10 little professional could attraction to anybody who writes lots of messages.

Should you haven’t examine our evaluation of the Sony Ericsson X10 miniature, it can be worth taking a take a look at that product much too, although we’ll cowl most from the exact same floor right here: the OS has the very same neat tweaks to make the tiny monitor space more practical plus the style is pretty a lot the similar. To conserve you the time of possessing to go through the whole evaluation when you are only interested inside the computer keyboard, we’ll tackle that component initial.

The computer keyboard slides out using a unique motion. We’ve liked the typing practical experience on some of Sony Ericsson’s latest handsets, such as the Vivaz pro, and that we get some with the similar practical experience right here. Even so, offered the sizing with the mobile phone overall, the keyboard is slightly on the small aspect as well.


This suggests that there has been some compromise built to obtain all the controls you may possibly want. The keyboard is arranged across a 4 x ten critical grid, with all the bottom row that contains the house bar, which we observed to be of a acceptable dimension. The good quality of construction is great, with the firm base offering a steady system and providing up good specific essential presses.

Just in excess of fifty percent of your keys have choice characters on them, accessed by urgent the blue button. This offers you accessibility to numerals and major punctuation, the remainder of choice characters accessed through a Sym key. It could are already wonderful to see press and hold entry caps, but rather you have to make use of the shift crucial.

One with the apparent compromises has long been the omission of complete cursor keys and any menu keys. There exists only a left and appropriate cursor, with up and down being left away from, so you won’t be scrolling up and lower pages or menus without touching the display screen. The still left and suitable cursors, having said that, do make it simple to correct text you have entered by basically pressing the line and shifting to your accurate place, as opposed to getting to press inside actual site you’ll need, which may be fiddly.


It would have already been awesome to discover a menu important, but as it’s, you will have to make use of the array of buttons throughout the display screen to open up menus, etc, in the event the computer keyboard is out.
In spite of the keyboard’s diminutive dimensions, it does offer a rather quick textual content access mode. The person interface customisations manufactured by Sony Ericsson to cater for your the x10 mini pro’s modest screen do acknowledge the fact that you are using the computer keyboard, so seems differently in the on-screen key pad textual content connection page. That indicates you might have far more space to find out what you are composing, you may fill in webforms in the page and so forth.

The on-screen T9 key pad is also readily available when you do not have the computer keyboard deployed, beneficial for once you need to reply to messages whilst hanging onto a train handrail or whatever.

The UI might be slightly much better for sending out text messages. The interface delivers the now frequent stream of messages coming in from opposite sides of the monitor. They are finished in a very fairly square style so seem to acquire up much more house than they require. The conversation can be topped from the identify in the person you might be talking too, which could are actually squeezed into the message containers, but this is actually a minor stage: having a display screen of only two.two inches, you’ll find usually heading to get house issues.

Yet another persistent irritation we received was the language bar that appears once you begin typing textual content into fields in messages and a few applications much too. We’ve observed this on a number of gadgets just lately, but we’ve yet to experience the need to adjust to Basque when composing messages, a minimum of not so prominently on the display screen – perhaps this would be superior as an alternative accessed below the menu button.


We also located that there had been no spelling or correction alternatives available for the physical computer keyboard, so when you make a mistake, you need to go again and right it just before you send.

Most essential pages will rotate to match the landscape facet you’ll be employing the keyboard in, but not all do. Given the variety of Android purposes out there, you’re by no means planning to acquire a 100 per cent success rate, but text access, the browser – fundamentally the core capabilities – and the major menus all do.

So heading again for the gadget itself, it measures ninety x 52 x 17mm and weighs 120g, the computer keyboard mechanism including to the thickness and also the weight. There’s yet another transform beneath the include, which can be a changeable battery, the additional dimension creating this achievable the place it wasn’t from the X10 mini.
The monitor is compact at a couple of.55 inches and 240 x 320 pixel, so it is both small and low in decision. This clearly restricts what the cell phone is going being suitable for: it’s hardly ever planning to excel at searching the Internet, despite the fact that mobile-specific internet sites function nicely enough, and it is just not heading to get an especially beneficial advertising handset either.

The topside design isn’t really as clean as the X10 miniature and that we instantly noticed the hard prime edge towards the ear when creating calls, which did not seem to get with the highest top quality. It really is a capacitive touchscreen however, and in spite of its size, it copes nicely adequate thanks to some intelligent customisation that Sony Ericsson has laid through the prime from the Android v1.six working method which runs the mobile phone.


The consumer interface provides up a shortcut icon in each corner with the display (which you’ll be able to change when you desire) by default supplying messages, audio, dialler and contacts. You can create widgets, which then permits you to swipe left and suitable to move in between property webpages and perspective these widgets. You can’t bring application or browser shortcuts towards the homepages, but you do get to utilize other Android Operating System widgets as you obtain them in the Android Operating System Industry.

The menu slides-up through the bottom of your display screen, presenting a 9-icon grid. Again, you can swipe left and proper in between webpages to access all of your programs. The headline Sony Ericsson app that arrives pre-installed is Timescape, which will pull your Fb and Twitter feeds into a single tile-based timeline, though we sense it does not actually provide you considerably and seems to duplicate what you may finish up utilizing most with the time anyway – your regular Twitter and Fb Android Operating System applications.

We like the music participant, though it might be nice to own some new music management in the standby window. You may transform the quantity with the music once the monitor is off working with the quantity rocker around the right-hand side, which is usually a valuable function. The external speaker does a fairly great task too and there is certainly an FM radio.

The bundled headphones are much better than common and fit into the 3.5mm jack, which means you could use present headphones as well. The slot is crucial shaped, and Sony Ericsson tells us there is going to be equipment for the X10 micro, for instance an external speaker. A 2GB microSD card is bundled inside box to retailer your audio.

Sony Ericsson confirmed to us that there was a plan in spot to upgrade to v2.1 of Android os this year, having said that we have seen that this just isn’t generally a easy procedure for all customers (as Orange HTC Hero owners will let you know); for that time being you will be left with Android v1.6. You may nonetheless have access to your Android Operating System Market and the rising array of apps on there, while you ought to contemplate that not all apps will work on this gadget simply because in the monitor resolution.

One particular criticism we have now of Sony Ericsson’s interface is not sticking to working with the menu button for choices within its purposes. As a substitute you have to head back again to Settings after which transform the choices before returning in your application, while the remainder of the Android world delivers these sorts of changes up-front. If one thing just isn’t behaving precisely as you’d like, this implies you must fiddle close to a little to have it heading. It also can drag its heels slightly in opening programs on occasion, so it lacks the punch that a lot more effective handsets offer you you.

Around the back again with the X10 micro pro is the 5-megapixel digital camera. This gives cut-down capabilities compared to numerous digital camera phones (the iPhone 4 excepted, that has no alternatives).

Essentially you are able to choose in between auto, macro, twilight and sports. It is possible to also effortlessly enable or disable the LED “flash”, although this is just not specifically successful as is generally the situation with this sort of flash.

The digital camera efficiency will be the same as the X10 mini, offering normal outcomes offered excellent lgt, but struggling as the lgt will get reduced.

Discovering New Tech Gadgets: Why It’s Time for an Android Phone


Tech gadgets   have gone beyond being easy gizmos or novelty items and have developed into useful tools for commercial, business and personal applications. This is due generally to the wide variety of functions and features they can offer : From communications, gaming, multi media playing, taking photographs, recording audio, capturing video, and even some spy action.

Potentially the most popular among these tech gadgets are mobile phones which revolutionized the way folk communicate around the world. Now, the tech genies are doing it again with smartphones and making a new tech revolution with Android phones that sweeping around the globe today.

Understanding the Android Operating System


The Android OS is developed by Google specially for cell-phones and similar devices. Android is an open OS that allows developers to update it so as to improve their own products for their users and develop other applications that will work with the Android platform. Unlike ordinary non-smart phones, Android phones are packed with a few functions and features : Web surfing, e-mail, media playing, and varied programs all of which can only be done formerly using your PC.

There are other smartphone OS available out there, but Android have some individual features that other OS do not have. These include the following grand features :

* Flash Player – Android phones entirely support flash applications and content with its flash player unlike the other OS system like iPhone’s iOS 4

* Further Keys – Android phones are equipped with extra buttons and menu keys making them more user-friendly and simpler for navigation

* Flash-enabled web browsers – Android phones make use of web browsers that are flash enabled and have better or perhaps double JavaScript performance than other phones

* Media Transfer – transferring of files and folders are faster and less complicated with Android phones which can easily be used as USB devices, unlike the other phones such as Apple devices which have to go through iTunes to transfer media files


* Notifications In Android OS, notifications from SMS, chat, e-mail, and other alerts are efficiently organized after quickly being displayed at the very top of the screen without disrupting any activity you were currently doing at that moment. Other OS such as iOS 4 still maintains the old and interrupting pop-up notifications which need you to do something before you can return to what you were doing.

* Eight MP Camera – Many Android phones have built-in eight megapixel cameras as standard while other phones have only five million pixels. Aside from that, Android phones usually utilize dual flash systems for their cameras.

* Widgets – unlike any other OS which puts all application icons directly on the home screen, which makes it tough to manage as applications pile up, Android phones employ customisable folders and widgets for less complicated access and arrangement

* LED Notification Light – the LED light in Android phones will keep on blinking to let the user know that something new has occurred or a new notification was received

* Voice Command – unlike the other phones who hasn’t got default voice commands for calls and other functions, Android phones make us of Google Voice which provide users the power to make calls using voice commands, which is more convenient and saves time

* Larger Display – Android phones regularly have larger 4.3 Inch screens in comparison to other smartphones which only have 3.5 Inch displays making users struggle and scroll down after every ten lines

Android phones in the Mobile Market


Android phones were designed for the smartphone platform, costlier handsets that are far more pricey than standard mobile phones, which most likely initially obstructed it from gaining a powerful foothold in the mobile market. These phones cost full retail costs starting from 0 to over 0. Funded phones by mobile carriers are given free for a fixed 2-year contract and a once a month charge of nearly around 0 dollars which is significantly bigger in the long run.
But things are changing in the smartphone market now particularly with the in-flow of less expensive Chinese brands than can fetch for an incredibly low ticket of only 0. Google has added more states where apps are currently available, with approximately over three hundred thousand Android phones being turned on on a daily basis. Android phones are slowly gaining a bigger market share for smartphones and have lately transcended its main rival the iPhone re users.

In terms of features and functions, cheaper Android phones aren’t very different than Android phones carried by major providers. Though there may be variations in the standard of the hardware, all the basic features anticipated of a smartphone would be present in China-made Android phones making them ideal phone of choice for first-time smartphone users. They can enjoy the wide variety of apps available from communication, entertainment, games, productiveness and other application apps which you can download from various sources such as AppBrain, Android Market, and AndAppStore among others .

Android is changing the cellphone market, giving the chance for folk who cannot afford smartphones during the past to get their hands to owning one of these really incredible tech gadgets. So it is time for you to get up, type cheap android phones on your net browsers and stand by for the ride of your life.

HTC Incredible S


The HTC Incredible S is one of those phones that won’t stand out when it comes to performance, but it will grow on you once you start using it on a daily basis. This phone comes with a great design, many interesting features, it is very easy to use and it will perform great in most departments. There are a few phones out there that come with better features and internal components, but at a much higher price.


From a distance, you won’t notice anything special about this HTC phone. However, as soon as you take it in your hand, you will feel the rubbery texture of its case, which will give you a pretty good grip. The case also acts as a shock absorbent, so this phone will probably be able to take some hard falls without breaking. The 4-inch screen is large enough for media playback, but the phone doesn’t appear to be bulky thanks to its elegant design. This device is 120 mm in length, 64 mm in width and it is 11.7 mm thin, at 135.5 grams. The HTC logo is present on the top side of the front of the phone and on the center of its rear. Underneath the touch screen, you will find four touch sensitive buttons and on the back of the phone you will notice the camera and the flash. The icons from the buttons rotate along with the phone, which is a pretty neat trick and you won’t get enough of it. The rear side is also a little bit curved, which makes the phone look better and it also helps your grip. On the top edge, you will find the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the power button and on the side, you will find a HDMI port. The volume rocker is located on the left side of the phone and so is the microUSB slot. Before you put the phone down, take a closer look at it and you will see the 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera.


The HTC Incredible S runs on 2.2 Froyo, which is not the latest Android version. However, you will be able to update to Gingerbread once it comes out. In the meantime, the 1GHz processor will get the job done quite well and you won’t have anything to worry about.

If you want to go online, this is definitely the phone for it. As usual, Flash is supported, so you can access any web page without any problems. The large size of the screen is perfect for web browsing, but it is also great for taking pictures and recording movies. This is a WVGA display that offers a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Moving around through the menu or opening applications is very easy thanks to the Adreno 205 GPU and the 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon processing unit. The phone has 768MB of RAM, which is above average for the phones in the same price range.

The 8MP camera comes with a dual LED light, which performs well in low lighting conditions. In broad daylight, the phone takes excellent pictures and it even offers a couple of settings that are great for improving the quality of your pictures. One of the most interesting camera features is the focus mechanism. You just have to tap the screen on where you want the focal point to be and the lens will adjust automatically and focus on that point in an instant. You can also change the ISO value, as well as the aspect ratio, contrast and sharpness. These are just some of the small details you can adjust if you want to obtain perfect pictures. A photo timer is available if you want to take a group picture and be a part of it.

You can also use this phone for 720p video recording. It won’t win any prizes in this department because it can only capture videos at 21 frames per seconds, but this will be just fine for the odd occasion when you will have to use your phone as a video camera.

The HTC Incredible S comes with 1.1 GB of internal memory, but you can easily expand it. After that, you will be able to copy a few movies to your phone and some songs without running out of space. Video playback is decent, but it is not the best, especially if you are looking for HD quality. On the bright side, it is not jittery at all, so you can enjoy your favorite movie even if you won’t be able to enjoy the HD experience.

Pros and Cons

The HTC Incredible S is a decent phone in most departments. The 8MP camera performs great when the lighting conditions are ideal and it can also offer nice pictures in darker environments. The operating system moves very smoothly and you won’t have to wait for the touch screen to respond to your actions. Even the design is impeccable and so is the built quality.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems we should mention. Video recording is not the best in the business and at just 21 frames per second; you won’t be able to shoot the best videos, even if they are 720p. The second problem is the small internal memory. If you want to get the most out of this phone, you should buy a 32GB card. This way, you will be able to use the 4-inch screen to its full potential and watch all of the movies you want without being constricted by the amount of space you have left.


In conclusion, the HTC Incredible S is a great phone for anyone who is not particularly interested in video recording. This device is great for video playback, surfing the web and taking pictures. If you want a multifunctional Smartphone that has a nice design, while being very well built, this is one of the best ones on the market.